What You Will See….

What You Will See…” is a series of rhyming children’s books. “What You Will See When You Go to the Zoo!” is the first book we’ve written in this series. In the future, we plan to add to the series to recap a child’s first hand experience visiting fun places such as the aquarium and the beach!  Through simple rhymes, and colorful pictures, the reader is treated to a preview of all the fun they have to look forward to when they make it to these exciting destinations themselves.

What You Will See When You Go to the Zoo!

FINAL Zoo Book Cover

What You Will See When You Go to the Zoo!” is a cute, rhyming children’s book about the amazing animals you can expect to see when you visit the zoo!

Whether laughing at the ostrich that’s not too good at hide and seek or admiring the penguins dressed for a night on the town, readers will love the vibrant illustrations and silly situations!

Reviews of “What You Will See When You Go to the Zoo!“:

It takes but five minutes to read, and five minutes more to re-read, because it’s fun.
I love rhymes and appreciated the rhyming information about each animal in the text of this children’s book. The drawings are large and simple, and the animals look happy.
I highly recommend this book to all parents of very young children. They will enjoy repeating the words and remember something particular about each animal.
I wish the authors much success and congratulate them for their generosity in donating to the people at The Monday Life.

-Colibri (Amazon)

I was very excited when I received a copy of “What You Will See When You Go to the Zoo,” by Harrison Lacy. It is a quick, easy read with adorable rhymes. The illustrations are colorful and friendly. My ten year old could not wait to read it to his one year old brother. Both enjoyed the book and shall enjoy reading it over and over again. Thank you for bringing this joyous time to my family. I would readily recommend this book to friends and family.

– Michen (LibraryThing)

A sweet rhyming story full of wonderful illustrations!!

 – mbvan (LibraryThing)