Bad Dog Bailey!

Bad Dog Bailey!” is a fun children’s book about a dog that can’t stay out of trouble and the little boy that loves her anyway! With a little help from his parents, young author Harrison Lacy gives a first-hand account of all the trouble his dog Bailey finds herself in on a daily basis.

Beautiful illustrations and simple, fun to repeat phrases make this a great addition to any family’s library of picture books for kids. Dog owners are sure to relate to the situations found throughout the story as well as the unconditional love for the family pet.

Reviews of Bad Dog Bailey:

I loved this book. It was a very quick read (it took me about 5 minutes to complete reading it). I can see that it could be used as book to read to really young children, possibly babies even, as a way of introducing them to the sound of reading. It could also be used for older children as a way to help them read by themselves. It could also be used just for the fun of reading a funny story. The possibilities are endless. The pictures were great. They were simple yet they got the message across without being really busy. On this basis the book would be a great tool to encourage children, pre-reading age, to make up their own stories from what they see in the pictures, thus developing their imagination. This is such a vital part of a child’s development.

I find myself wanting to know what other naughtiness and adventures Bailey is going to get up to next.

-Zarasecker (Amazon)


-Michael Cohn, Co-Author of “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence”

That was such a cute children’s book and lots and lots of kids will be able to relate to that story! Loved the characters and love the relationship between the boy and his dog. So sweet!

-Brooke (Amazon)


Great book for kids with dogs. Reminded me of my dog growing up. Illustrations are great and capture Bailey’s antics well.

-Steve D. (Amazon)

This was such a cute book!! My Boys are 4 & 5 and both loved it. They laughed at Bailey and said she reminded them of our dog, Lilly. The pictures are really cute, and they let me ask question to the boys, like… “What happened because Bailey didn’t listen and ran in the house?” and then I was able to make a lesson out of it, an example to go with above question, I told them, “See what happens when you dont listen and run in the house?”  They wanted me to read it again and again, so far today I have read the story to them 3 times. Its nice because its not too long, to where they lose interest(and I get tired of reading, lol). All in all I definitely recommend this book for kids, probably ages 2-5…it might also be a good starter book for new readers.

-C. Taylor (Goodreads)


Bad dog Bailey is a great children’s book for early readers. The illustrations are wonderful. This book reminds me of my own dog. I think children and parents alike will relate.

-Renee G. (Amazon)


This is a good childrens book. My six year old son really enjoyed reading the trials of Bailey and her attempts to be good. Supported well by her young master there is of course the inevitable happy ending. My son needed some help with a few words but most of the content he recognized on his own. 6/7 yrs olds with a good reading age will love this short tale of companionship and there’s an added bonus with 10% of the proceeds being donated to a worthy childrens charity in The Monday Life. Illustrations are very well designed and enabled my youngest son (4) to follow along. By the end both were calling out the title line, “Bad Dog Bailey!” A great read-along for young children and an excellent start to reading alone.

-Paul (Goodreads)