Is it Monday yet?!

miles_says_thank_youFrom the moment the idea for our first book was conceived, we knew we wanted charitable giving to be a built in component of our business model.  As new parents writing a children’s book, our decision to find a charity focused on helping kids just made sense.  We didn’t have to look very far as we quickly learned of an organization called The Monday Life, based right here in North Carolina, that is doing truly inspiring work in children’s hospitals around the country!

The Monday Life is a charitable non-profit organization that helps hospitalized children feel better and heal faster. They do this by enhancing the environment inside children’s hospitals through art, music, lighting, color, technology, massage, expression, and fun. The Monday Life recently launched its new Healing Campaigns crowdfunding site where nurses can actually request certain activities/supplies (iPads, art supplies, movie nights) for the children at their hospital.

In addition to bringing laughter to story time, we hope to spread awareness of the great work being done by this charity.

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We are proud to announce that we are donating 100% of the proceeds from our books to The Monday Life!  We really hope to increase donations to and awareness of this wonderful organization. 

Get your copy of “Bad Dog Bailey!” and/or “What You Will See When You Go to the Zoo!” through Amazon to help make a difference.



H and Mommy at DCH                                        H with Joey and Dad

Harrison visiting Duke Children’s Hospital to donate copies of his book and meet Joey, founder of The Monday Life.