Our Story

Airlie Road Publishing was created by our family upon the completion of our second children’s book.  While we never planned to get into the book business, we’ve really enjoyed our experience so far and look forward to adding to the Airlie Road collection for years to come!

We live in beautiful North Carolina with our two sons, Harrison (3 years old) and Greyson (less than 1 year old). We recently made a risky decision to trade in our typical corporate working lives to focus on what’s really important in life. We have always dreamed about taking ownership of our own lives and spending more valuable time with our children. My husband Sean has always been an entrepreneur and I am a part-time consultant and full-time mom. We moved back to coastal North Carolina to raise our children near family and to be able to have more time to focus on our health, relationships and personal aspirations. An added bonus is living five minutes away from the beach!

Shortly after Harrison turned 2 years old, we read an article about how Amazon, with their Kindle publishing platform, had made self-publishing more accessible than ever.  While this wasn’t a new phenomenon, we found that many of the most popular children’s books were self-published, most by families with small children. We never dreamed about writing children’s books, but when we started thinking about our life with children, our first book really wrote itself!  Harrison has always loved to read. When he was four months old, we would read to him each night and he would look up at the book and just laugh and giggle during the entire story. He really loved story time and it became a nightly ritual that we still continue today. Harrison is sharing his love of books and story time with his little brother!

We wrote our first book, called “Bad Dog Bailey!,” about the relationship between Harrison and our family dog Bailey. Bailey has been such an amazing family pet and has always been great with children, but she still likes to bark, track dirt in the house, eat off of the high chair, etc. We found ourselves constantly saying “Bad Dog Bailey!” Even though Harrison was only 2, he was really able to help us come up with different scenarios and phrases for the book. Shortly after we self-published Bad Dog Bailey, we started writing “What You Will See When You Go to the Zoo!” Like most families, we enjoy visiting the zoo and seeing animals from all over the world. We love to see our children’s reactions to the animals and we tried to incorporate that fun perspective in the book. We plan to add to this series in the future with books about the aquarium, beach and possibly more.

While we were writing our first book, we learned about a charity called The Monday Life. We were so inspired by their goals and beliefs that we decided to donate 100% of our proceeds to this charity. The Monday Life is a charitable non-profit organization that helps hospitalized children feel better and heal faster. They do this by enhancing the environment inside children’s hospitals through art, music, lighting, color, technology, massage, expression, and fun.

We have really enjoy writing these children’s books as a family and we hope you enjoy reading them just as much! Please let us know what you think about our books – we love hearing from you!

The Lacy Family (Sean, Sarah, Harrison and Greyson)